Place your marketing campaign message in front of a world audience! We offer effective and affordable website advertising solutions that enable our clients to place their banners or links in key sections of our Website. Using an integrated approach through the website, forums and newsletters and popular social media, PrepHeavens can provide you with a personalized package to suit your requirements.

The audience at PrepHeavens is diverse due to the nature of the content offered on the Website. As a result, advertisers have access to a wider community, and enjoy the highest levels of exposure provided by the lasting relationship build through PrepHeavens user account system.

Benefits from advertising with us:

  • Highest levels of exposure to a diverse audience
  • Ability to place digital advertising directly on
  • A socially-driven audience with trust
  • Additional advertising channels through popular social media: Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram.

Advertising principle

PrepHeavens will provide advertising services when such inclusion on its website does not interfere or go against the mission or objectives of its policies.

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