Why I am having problems watching/viewing videos?

Please check your browser plugins and update if outdated, clear your cookies cache and offline content. If the problem still persists then upgrade your flash player on this link Click Here

Why are there adverts on PrepHeavens?

We allow partners to advertise on our platform in order to supplement the financial aid extended to us by well wishers enabling a smooth running of our organization by paying bills in time.

Why haven’t I received my confirmation email?

Check your spam folder for the confirmation email before resending the link.

How can I share a video on social media?

You can share videos with your family and friends on all major social media platforms. Look directly below the video player window, there is Facebook, Twitter icon among other social network icons. Click on the desired icon to share the video. You can also send the video to someone directly via the email button

Why do I need to provide my details whenever submitting a new copyright complaint?

In accordance with copyright law, we require new and complete copyright infringement applications for each removal request.

How do I recover lost password?

Visit PrepHeavens recovery page on your computer web browser to reset your password. You will be required to enter your email or username on the recovery page then you'll be guided through some security questions to prove ownership of your account. If you answer the questions correctly a reset link will be sent to your email address.

How do I submit a prayer request?

To submit a prayer request to the PrepHeavens intercessory team please go to following link http://www.prepheavens.com/submit-prayer.html fill out the prayer request form and click the submit button.

How do I donate to PrepHeavens?

We welcome all forms of donations geared towards supporting our ministry. To donate click on the following link http://www.prepheavens.com/donate.html and send your contribution. We greatly appreciate your financial aid.

What are the terms of use for PrepHeavens?

The Terms of Use for PrepHeavens can be found in the following link "http://www.prepheavens.com/terms-of-use.html Please ensure that all videos and comments posted abide to the terms of use.

How do I unsubscribe from the emails?

To unsubscribe from our email listing click on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the email. Clicking on the link you will be take you to our unsubscribe page. Click the unsubscribe button to be permanently removed from our mailing list.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account first log on PrepHeavens Click Here then find your user ID on the right and click the "Account" link. Click on the "settings" link in the drop down menu then Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a "Delete My Account" button. Click on the button, a pop-up widow will appear on your screen asking you to confirm the deletion of your account. Click “Ok” button to delete your account.

Why can't I play the videos I get in my email?

First check whether your email security settings disable ability to click on a link. If you still cannot play videos check whether you have the latest version of your browser and flash player. If not please upgrade both the browser and flash player. When you click on the link open to the video featured in the email newsletter a new browser window will open.

How can I improve my video quality?

For a great quality video to appear on prepheavens.com it should have a resolution of 400x255 or higher. We recommend an aspect ratio of 16:9 for videos. The higher the bit rate the better the quality of the video.

What are the specifications for uploading video?

To be able to upload a video on PrepHeavens it should be at most 200mb in size and you must have a legal right to upload and share it .We accept most video formats including: (.mov, .mpg, .mp4, .mpeg,.dvix, .xvid, .mkv, .avi, .flv, .wmv, .m4v). Video's that contravene our Terms of use will be removed and may lead to the deactivation of your account.

How do I remove a favorite video from my list?

Move the cursor mouse over "My Account" and Select "My Favorites". This will take you to My Favorites tab with listings of all your favorite videos. You can select any video(s) you wish to remove from your list. A notice will appear prompting you to confirm the deletion. Click “Ok” to delete the video from your favorites.

Where do I access a playlist after creating it? How do I operate the playlist?

Move the cursor over the "My Account" link located on the right hand side of the page, a drop down menu will appear with the options of "My Playlist". Click "My Playlists" once the window opens select the playlist you wish to view.

How do I create a playlist?

Click on the playlist button under the video then select as many videos as you would like to be on your playlist. To save the playlist click "Save New Playlist"

Why am I required to log onto Facebook to be able to comment on a video?

We implemented the new Facebook commenting plugin to all our videos in order to provide an easy way of sharing your opinions on videos you watch on PrepHeavens.

How do I embed a video on my WordPress blog?

Videos can be embedded to Wordpress.com using VodPod. Please learn more on how to embed a video on a WordPress blog using VodPod by following the link Click Here

How do I delete a video I uploaded on PrepHeavens?

To delete a video move the cursor mouse over where it says your user ID. A drop down menu will appear, select “My Videos” then click on the “X” button. Confirm that indeed you want to delete the video on the pop up window. The video should be completely erased from the website in 30 minutes.

Why is my video not the most popular listing on the channels?

The most popular listings on PrepHeavens are based on the most views in the last 48 hours, not the cumulative number of views. If a video has a total of 700 views with 400 of them in the last 24 hours and your video has a total of 2000 views with 300 of them in the last 24 hours your video will be ranked lower than the other video.